Nice to meet you :)

My mother was an artist, and I knew from very little that I wanted to do something creative and artsy. As a daughter of a German engineer, my rational brain told me that most artists don’t pay their bills. So I started studying graphic design. I became an art director, had a very successful career in some very cool advertising agencies and founded my own design studio. Until the day I decided to throw it all up and start from scratch as an illustrator. My father is still pulling his hair about his crazy daughter.

Some facts about me: I live with my children and a very sweet (but pudgy) cat that likes to sit on my keyboard. Coffee fuels me, love keeps my toes warm, Billie Holiday gives me goosebumps and chocolate? Well who can really live without that? I only do HIIT workouts when I need to burn off some chocolate guilt. And that's not even true :) 

Other than that I’m pretty normal. I’m fairly relaxed about most things but don’t mess with my chocolate *cough*.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you’ll enjoy my art 💛

Marion Dönneweg